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  We are a well-respected regional remodeling company that has been serving the Greater Lehigh Valley for over 30 years. With great craftsmanship, and a variety of services, we are the team for you.  GHS started when Frank Kocher (owner of General Fence & General Concrete)  noticed  the demand for a reliable, qualified handyman service.  Someone that is a jack-of-all trades, already the owner of two successful company's, he decided to focus on a first-rate company that could serve everyone.  Now after a lifetime of learning the trade first-hand, and acquiring the skills to become a responsible and reliable handyman, Robert Kocher has become part of the GHS team.

    GHS does not hire outside contractors and does all work from start to finish. This means you get the same contractors everytime you call. First and foremost, we are your friends, and in todays business this means a lot.  

Communication is Key

  GHS guarantees:                                                                                            

  • Work completed in a timely manner         
  • Cost-effective process from beginning to end
  • Final product exceeds expectations                                                        
  • Honesty, integrity, and great value   

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 We strive to save you both time and money by combining our use of industry knowledge, the highest quality parts and equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional service. We will not leave the job until it is finished and you are satisfied.


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Plant Operations

Easton, PA  18042-1768

Phone: (610) 330-5372                                          Fax: (610) 330-5112

   Date: October 28, 2009
Dear Sir or Madam;   Please accept my letter of recommendation for Mr. Frank and Robert Kocher of General Handyman Services.  General Handyman Services Company was referred to me by a HVAC contractor (J. Air Co., Inc.) who also has performed work here at Lafayette College. I met Frank and Robert in March of 2009 when Lafayette College was preparing to perform annual repair and renovations to our off-campus faculty and student homes.  At the time we were looking for a few good contractors who could estimate and submit proposals to perform such work.  From our very first meeting, Frank and Robert Kocher offered experience and a dedication to commitment.   The nature of business we are in at Lafayette College often offers limited access and time restraints in our facilities to perform routine maintenance and capital work. We contracted General Handyman Services to perform many aspects of repairs and renovations to our off-campus properties.   Throughout our two and a half month off-campus housing renovations and repairs, I have come to know Robert and Frank on a somewhat personal level.  Frank and Robert’s professionalism and very high work ethics are a few of their best assets.  Their work is top notch and they always have conducted themselves in a very professional manner.  Robert worked long hours and weekends to meet our very aggressive schedule.  Frank and Robert’s hard work and commitment was certainly a contributor to a successful summer project.  General Handyman Services is still on our preferred vendor list as the need for their services arise.   In my opinion, I feel that Mr. Frank and Robert Kocher of General Handyman Services are very professional, trustworthy individuals that would definitely be an asset to any renovation project.                                Sincerely,     Bob Meyer    Project Manager    Lafayette College    Plant Operations    Easton, PA  18042  

Robert A. Salisbury, Pa

 Recently my wife and I moved into another home.  Prior to moving in, we needed to have a number of improvements completed which included a new electrical service and wiring, plumbing work, painting, appliance installations and a number of other repairs / upgrades.

                For this work, I contacted Frank Kocher of General Handyman Services.  I became familiar with Mr. Kocher’s company when I had engaged him professionally to do some work while I was working at Fuller Company’s Allentown Plant in the early 1990’s.  The work he had completed for us there was very good and reasonably priced.

                Based on my prior experience, I contracted with General Handyman Services to do all the work on our new house as described above.  All of the work was completed as required within the time frame requested.  All of the employees of General Handyman Services were courteous and did very nice work.  Clean up was always complete just as if no one was there!  This made my wife very happy!

                I am very happy to recommend Mr. Kocher and General Handyman Services.

Joe S. Alburtis, Pa

 I am more than happy to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of General Handyman Services in appreciation of the fine work they have performed for me for several years.First, the quality of their work is excellent. They demonstrate excellent attention to detail and great tenacity in making sure it's "done right." They have demonstrated great craftsmanship; I have great trust in their ability to do fine finish work. Beyond craftsmanship, their work always demonstrates precision and good practices. Electrical and plumbing work are done properly and are reliable. Fit and finish are always top-notch.Second, I can commend the breadth of what GHS is able to do. They have handled an extremely wide variety of work for me, including plumbing, electrical, woodworking, landscaping, window replacement, roofing, painting, and others. They exhibit a very wide range of knowledge in this area, applying real and valuable expertise on an amazing array of craft and construction projects. Beyond work performed on-site, GHS is willing and well able to supply parts, order required items, manage vendors, and so on.Finally, let me add their business practices are solid and admirable. They honor estimates, provide reasonable pricing, are organized and reliable in terms of scheduling, provide accurate billing, supply (and organize) all required paperwork, warranties, instructions, and so on. They are easy to contact through a number of methods, and are flexible and eager in accommodating last-minute requests or urgent scheduling.I'm pleased to be working with GHS ongoing for work at my property --and can recommend them wholeheartedly --enthusiastically, even-- for work you may need performed at your institution.

Ken and Connie N. Philadeplhia, Pa

 Frank, Bob, Brandon and Steve are the greatest-their work ethic shows in the beautiful job that they do, we are more than delighted with all of the work that they are doing at our home. These guys are the only ones we would recommend to do any and all home improvements - p s we now consider them family Good job guys